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From: Jerry Chen
Subject: Dragon Love Ch.4 science fiction / fantasyThanks for reading! I would like opinions, criticisms, suggestions,
comments, and feedback from you guys that read this. Thank you and ENJOY!
Ahhh! I'm sorry people I'm just so busy I was on vacation... being 14 is
busy as some of you might remember... So no more flings and Thanks for
reading.Chapter 4Has the war begun?Narrator's POV After Christopher left Jeffrey's house. Steven carried Jeffrey into
his room and laid Jeffrey down on his Lolita Toplist Bbs bed. As all five of Jeffrey's
servants surrounded him Alex reached into Jeffrey's pocket and took out his
leather case. He opened it to find needles in there. "Ahh as I expected." Alex said. The others nodded in unison. "So what should we do?" Ray asked concerned. "Well for one we bring him back to the Dragon Palace." Ken said. "But in Jeffrey's current critical state can he make it back?" Alan
said wondering what to do. "I got it!" Alex said as the others gave him a look that said.
"what do we do?" "We're going to use our powers to provide a aura-force-field around
Jeffrey so we can bring him back in his condition." Alex said. "Your right." Ken said in agreement. "Let's go then." Ray stated.At the Dragon Palace "Who did this!?" Fumed the Dragon King. "We are not sure at the moment your majesty." Steven said. "But we found these poison needles in Jeffrey's Leather case for
the weapons he find." Responded Alex. "We do not know what poison it is." Said Alan. The Dragon king Held out his hand and took the case. As he held the
case a golden glow enveloped the case as the dragon king used his power to
analyze what kind of poison it is. Lolita Toplist Bbs "This poison is the 7 colored poison said to be lost in the mortal
world for over 80 years now and now it makes its appearance again." The
Dragon King said obviously pissed. "But what can we do?" The Dragon Queen asked worried for her son's
safety. "I'm going to try and eject the poison out of his system." Stated
the raging king. As Jeffrey laid on a bed of ice in the middle of the room the
Dragon King's hands moved to the side of Jeffrey's head. As his hands
glowed a golden yellow once again the power of the dragon seeped into
Jeffrey. After along while Jeffrey shook violently as he turned to his side
and coughed out black blood. (Normal dragon blood is green.) With the poison finally out of Jeffrey the people around let out a
sigh of relief. But the battle isn't over... now Jeffrey has to wake up...5 days later "Still no sign of Jeffrey eh?" Anthony said to his best friend
Christopher. "Not as far as I know... No one at his house answer the phone
either something must have happened." Christopher stated to his circle of
friends as they approached the mountain where they trained. As they arrived all their parents walked over to them from where
they were standing. "Christopher who was the dragon you were with?" His father stated
heatedly. "What are you talking about?" Christopher asked confused. "The dragon that was with you 5 days ago at your school surely you
remember these 5?" His father stated as the 5 ninja's from a while ago came
out from trees and came up behind his father. "You guys!" Christopher exclaimed. "They were fighting the dragon you were with I have punished them
for aiming at you already. Now tell me who was that dragon?" He father once
again ask the question. When it finally dawned onto him he said." Jeffrey?" "Yes, that's him the Dragon Prince." His mother said recalling the
name. Christopher and his friends all gasped in shock as they realized
the person that has been friends with them for a while now was a dragon and
not any mere dragon... The Dragon Prince. "What your relation with that Dragon." He father asked eyeing Chris
suspiciously. "We're only friends with him right guys?" He said as he turned
around to look at his friends while giving them the look that said keep
quiet about me and him. Multiple `yeah' and `right' came from his friends. "Maybe we can use Chris to lure the Dragon Prince out." Stated
Greg, Alexis's father. "Your right!" Exclaimed Chris's Father. "No, you can't" Christopher protested. "Why the hell not?" The heated reply came from his father. "Because you shouldn't kill him." Chris stated. All the parents looked at him incredulously. "Why not?" Asked Sally, Anthony's mom. "Because he's not the person to want war with the humans he's a
nice and gentle person." Christopher tried to defend Jeffrey. "Is there something your not telling us Chris." Christopher's mom
asked. A tinge of pink spread across Christopher's features. "No." Chris stated blushing slightly now. "Tell us!" His father demanded. Chris turned several shades redder before saying. "Me and him are
together!" The shock was evident on the adults faces as they exchanged glances
at each other. Suddenly the skies darkened and strong wind blew. "It can't be!" Exclaimed Christopher's mom as a golden Dragon
appeared. The golden Dragon was not alone as it was accompanied by a purple
Dragon and 5 others.Back at the Dragon Palace (Before they arrived at the mountain) "Why has Jeffrey still not awaken." His father said annoyed at how
long it took. "Don't be so mad your majesty he will wake up." The Queen said as
she tried to soothe the raging King. "How can I be calm when our son is lying lifeless on the block of
ice!" Roared the Dragon King. "I swear if anything happens to Lolita Toplist Bbs him I'll destroy the city and sink
it into the grounds." The Dragon King swore. "Well, there's no point in staying mad." The Queen replied sternly. "Your right! I should be out there searching for the bastards that
did this!" The Dragon King said and he huffed out of the room. "Wait your majesty!" The wife called as she followed the King out. "You watch his Highness carefully." Ray instructed to the guards
around as the five of them went to follow their King and Queen. Upon arriving at the spot where he was told the mortals would be
at, at this time. He yelled. "Which one of you mortals dared to hurt my boy." The
golden Dragon fumed. "I did and so what?" Christopher's father stated walking in front
of the kids giving them a slight push Lolita Toplist Bbs signaling them to move back as the
other parents also moved forward. "You will pay dearly for that." He King said swooping down. "Wait! Your majesty!" The Queen tried again with no avail. As the golden dragon swooped down aiming for Chris's father
explosion caused by the Dragon shook the Grounds. While Christopher's dad
jumped and dodged them. When the Dragon King returned back into the sky he
swooped down once more. "Stop!" Christopher yelled as he ran in front. Shock was etched into his friends and the parents face at his
actions. "I will not let you harm my dad." He stated sharply. "Then he shall die after you!" The golden Dragon roared continuing
to swoop down. "Stop!" They all heard as a Blue Dragon appeared. This time shock was formed onto the Dragon's faces as the blue
Dragon glided pass the golden one and stopped before Chris. Returning back to his original form (human-dragon) Jeffrey stood
pale and weak shocking his friends. "Why did you come out here!?" The King fumed. "Please father, do not hurt him." Jeffrey pleaded weakly. "Do you know that it's because these mortals that you got hurt!" He
father said after recovering Lolita Toplist Bbs from the shock of the weak plead and the
appearance of his son. "I know but please do not harm them." Jeffrey once again replied
weakly. "Why not?" He father stated. "Because with understanding all mortals and Dragons can walk
hand-in-hand peacefully without fighting." Came Jeffrey's reply. Suddenly Christopher's dad come behind Chris and pulled him back
into his mothers embraced before trying to take a slash at Jeffrey with his
sword. "What are you doing dad?" Chris shouted trying to get out of his
mother's embrace. Jeffrey continued to sway side-to-side weakly as Christopher's
father kept trying to slash him. The Dragon King charged at them but it was too late as
Christopher's father managed to slash Jeffrey left arm. Blood spilt on to
the grassy meadow and it cause little explosions as it hit the dirt. Clutching his arm as the Dragon King turned back into his
human-dragon form Lolita Toplist Bbs
and jumped in front of his son punching Christopher's dad
in the left shoulder cause him to be sent back. Quickly the King took his son in his arms and threw him up Lolita Toplist Bbs before
turning back into a Dragon and carrying his son back to the Dragon Palace.Christopher's POV "Them bastards..." Said my father. "I'll get them next time." He
continued. "What's wrong with you!" I shouted at him. He looked at me in shock. "All he wanted was to protect us and end the blood-shed between
mortals and Dragons but you just had to charge in and try to kill
him. WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!" I yelled with tears streaming down my Lolita Toplist Bbs face. "Even if he was trying to make peace between us he is still a
Dragon and that might have been a trap." He replied emotionlessly. "He was already dying because of your damned trap how was he going
to set a trap." I yelled once again looking into the faces of my family and
friends who all looked down except my dad. "Regardless of that he IS STILL A DRAGON, why don't you understand
that!" He yelled back at me. "He maybe a Dragon on Lolita Toplist Bbs the outside but he has a heart of a pure
gentle spirit! He wouldn't have to fight unless it was necessary." I
screamed with copious amounts of tears coming out of my eyes. "How do you know that." My dad replied yet once again emotionless. "Because that's not the kind of person he is and Anthony and them
come vouch for me too, but unlike you dad... THAT'S YOU! You take
advantaged of the weak and still try to kill them do you have no shame or
even honor?!" I yelled at him. "That is no way to talk to your father." My mom said coming up to
me and slapping me before returning to my father's side. "It's true Jeffrey helps out the people he can even if they are
mortal." Anthony said stepping in front of me. "Anthony is right Jeffrey is not that kind of person we all know
him." Alexis said coming to stand next to Anthony as Lolita Toplist Bbs well as all my friends
forming a miniature wall in front of me. "I don't know why you hit that Dragon dad but from what I hear in
school Jeffrey is the most kind-hearted person there is." Thomas said
before walking over to me. "You all...!" My father said not finishing his sentence. "Peter, that's enough I believe what the kids are saying is true
there are some kind-hearted Dragons and some that a evil but which one did
you think Jeffrey was?" Greg asked. "I-I... Don't mess with Lolita Toplist Bbs me!" My father yelled at Greg. The adults started yelling at each other saying with Dragons and
evil and which ones are good. Not long they for into two groups one that believed they are good
dragons (Greg, Sara, Paul, Greta, Jimmy, and Connie) and the ones that
believe they are evil dragons (Raymond, Elizabeth, Henry, Sally, my mother
and father). The adults were all yelling as I told my friends to follow me as
we left. "Where are we going Chris?" Emily asked. "We are going to make a raft or of prickle vines." I replied. "Why?" Asked Andy. "Because we are going to the Dragon Palace." I replied as I
continued to walk. "Wait, are you serious?" Ask Erik as all of the gasped. "Yes, I've read in a book that once every 3 years if you ride on a
prickle vine raft that the waves ebb and let you go there. And coincidently
that's 5 days from now so we are going to start Lolita Toplist Bbs
building it now." I said as
we walked in front of a cave. "This is were we are going to build it. The vines are inside if you
want to join me please go in." I said as I walked in. I turned around and all my friends were there returning my gaze
with they looks of reassurance. "Thanks everyone." I said. "Were all friends here Chris and were not going to leave you
behind." Anthony said. "We'll go get supplies from our parents." Alexis and Erik said
together. "Ok." I said as I started pulling the prickled vines off the
wall. "Be careful they are pricked." I warned my friends. "Ok." They replied in unison.Narrator's POVBack at the Dragon Palace "How could have this happened again!" The Dragon King roared
smashing a crystal stone near him. Jeffrey's bodyguards, the Dragon Queen, the Merman King and Queen
all visibly flinched at his majesty's rage. "MOTHER DRAGON!" The Kind shouted. "Yes, Your Majesty?" She stated as calmly as ever. "Go bring the snow lotus and the thousand year old ginger root here
now!" His majesty said. "Understood." She said as she swiftly walked out of the room. As she return she handed the said items to the Dragon King. As his majesty use the medicines on Lolita Toplist Bbs
Jeffrey nothing seem to happen. "WHY WON'T THIS WORK?" He yelled as he wrecked more parts of the
wall. "Calm down your majesty." Queen Voltaria said. "How can I calm down when my boy is here lying lifeless." He
yelled. "All we can do is hope he'll wake up soon." King Saleragi said.Christopher's POV5 days later
"Are you guys ready?" I said with determination in his eyes. "Yes." My friends and my brother replied. They all hopped on the thorn raft as I used a paddle to push off
from shore and they sailed on the water. "I can't believe we didn't sink." Erik muttered but we all heard
him. "I know it's weird isn't it?" Alexis said. As I continued to pedal the farther they got away from land. Suddenly the tide ebbed as they fell into a crevasse made of water,
in front of them was the shiny Dragon Palace. "Wow!" We all exclaimed in awe by how beautiful the crystals on the
wall looked. I quickly got up to my feet and ran towards it with my friends in
tow. When I approached the Palace I tried to go in through what seems to be
a door less opening but I fell backwards and hit my ass on the sand. It
seems there was a barrier protecting it. "Jeffrey!" I screamed as I tried to go in again but failed as I
landed on my butt again. "It seems we cannot enter." Andy said approaching me. Suddenly a dark blue fog came out from the door as a magician
stepped forward from the fog. "Those who wish to enter must give up something that is precious to
them." Said the magician blocking entrance to the Palace. "What does he mean?" Emily asked confused. "I don't know." Thomas said. "I want entrance." I said walking up to the magician. "Very well, but you are to give up your emotion `Love'." He said. "What?" I asked again starting at him in disbelief. "You are to give up one thing precious to you if you are to be
granted access." He said still looking straight ahead. "He's crazy Christopher don't do it!" Emily shouted at me. "I accept your terms." I said to the magician earning crazy looks
from my friends and brother. "You are granted access." He said as I was embraced in a dark blue
light before I slipped into unconscious ness.
To be continued...
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